I am a graduate of Gabrielino High School in the Class of ’15, and am currently attending Rio Hondo College as a Sophomore classman. I am a Mathematics for Teaching major, have completed 43 units and for this Spring ’17 semester, am enrolled in 16 units. My cumulative GPA, not including the Spring ’17 semester, is 3.75.

Although I do not have any work experience, I am trained under volunteer work at both my middle school San Gabriel Christian School and my former high school Maranatha High, ranging over 100 hours. I am also experienced in athletics, having participated in the baseball team in middle school and having taken a weight training class during senior year in ’15. I am expected to transfer into a university in Fall ’18 and graduating two years afterward, followed by searching for a job in the teaching field for secondary school.

I am a fairly flexible in instruction, capable of understanding and performing tasks at a fair speed. Because of how I was also brought up, I understand that there exists hierarchies and that observing the rules of such systems is necessary in the workforce. I respect and comply to not only those above me, but also to those who are lower than me in terms of superiority or experience, since we as individuals all come from the same molde. I ask that my audience consider hiring me after reading this passage, thank you-