Hi, I’m William V, I am 19 years of age and a boy. I am currently a sophomore at Rio Hondo College and one of the courses I’m enrolled in at this community college is CIT 135. I live with my family in the city of San Gabriel and am an only child. We don’t have any pets at home, but we have had them in the past, to which they’ve provided, provide, and will continue to give fond memories. I am a full-time student and have never been employed, so when school is in session, I am usually studying and doing homework for my courses. I am a Math major and am hoping to transfer to UCLA and graduate to enter the workforce as a secondary school teacher. I’m interested in teaching a high school math or physics class, as in these two classes, I’ve met great teachers who’ve inspired me. In the same likeness, I would like to provide this inspiration to other students like me who are in need of such inspiration. Besides my time spent studying, I enjoy playing video games as my main past time, with watching YouTube and reading and watching manga and anime as secondary sources of enjoyment. I also spend time with my buddies frequently as well, as two of them still live with their families as well because of how close their campuses are to their homes. Because of this, we often meet up and spend time with each other, usually through playing games or watching funny videos online. All in all, I would say that my life has been fulfilling and am very satisfied with it, and am looking toward the future with high hopes as well-